Belted Galloway Females Available (April 2018)

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Bred Cows*

Name D.O.B. Price Comments
Uhura 4/18/12 $2,100 Bred by Fireball. Shown at 2013 County Fair
Darlene 4/18/13 $2,100 Also bred by Fireball. Nice calves in both years.
Opal 8/10/13 $2,100 Also bred by Fireball. From one of our best lines.


2015 Open Heifers

Name D.O.B. Price Comments
Nancy 5/9/15 $1,800 Daughter of Ingrid, one of our nicest cows.
Rhonda 9/17/15 $1,800 Shown at 2016 County Fair.
Uriah 9/19/15 $1,800 Bena’s calf by Winslow.


2016 Open Heifers

Name D.O.B. Price Comments
Beatrice 3/27/16 $1,400 Also a Winslow daughter.
Flora 4/15/16 $1,400 Miranda’s calf by Fireball.
Hebe 4/22/16 $1,400 Opal’s calf by Winslow—two great parents.

*Bred cows were confirmed pregnant by our vet in December 2017. Snake Hill Fireball, our current herd bull, is a red Beltie (36645-R) sired by Over the Hill Farm Nelson III (AI).