Maple Syrup

We offer three color classes of Grade A maple syrup, subject to availability: “Golden” (formerly known as “Light” or “Fancy”), which is made early in the season, followed by “Amber” (formerly known as “Medium”) and then “Dark.” Some seasons we are able to make “Very Dark,” which used to be known as “Grade B.” Each one has its own subtle flavor, and preferences depend on individual taste. They are priced the same.


Our organic maple syrup differs from many commercial offerings found in stores and catalogues: (1) we add nothing except tiny amounts of organic butter to prevent the evaporator from frothing, (2) we fire with fallen wood in stead of fossil fuels, (3) we do not gather sap from trees along public roads that may have been sprayed with brush killers, (4) we do not re-drill the tap holes to extend the season or use vacuum pumps to enhance sap flow and (6) we limit the number of taps per tree to protect forest health. The result is an artisan product with the true old fashioned taste of pure maple syrup.


Our maple syrup is sold in a range of sizes (from 1/2 pint to 5 gallons) at North Union Farmers Markets and direct to customers in Ohio. Click on Pricing for details. We also offer custom shipping within Ohio for a small handling fee plus postage.


Bulk quantities are also available for commercial use while supplies last. Please contact us by email if you are interested in bulk sales.